The Loss

I lost myself in finding you I am not me anymore I lost myself the day I saw you When a gentle touch of your lips met mine When you ran your fingers through my hair I lost myself, when you said you love me When you promised to stay And you were ready to […]

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Gone are the Days

Gone are the days, I felt alive Gone are the days, I used to live life The days when the breeze was soothing on all the sides, The days when the scorching sun did not hit the mind The days of serene solitude Ah! those days are all gone! Gone are the days I was […]

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The Fierce Beauty

Beauty, grace, elegance are some of the words that defined her She was the light of the moon that brightened many, She was the warmth of the sun that put in them compassion, She was the shore of the sea that made them reach attainment But… they were the ones who saw desolation in her, […]

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Always walking away from her fears, she found whom she once saw the light .. the light of hope. Alas! It didn’t last.. and she landed up nowhere but in the arms of the same fright all over again.

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Light and Dark

The universe, a space bound by light and dark. The stars, the sun and the moon symbolically emitting the positive spark of light awakening the spirits from within along with the gloomy darkness represented by the night. Night, a close part of nature, a symbol of horror and fear but then, it is only the […]

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An Uncertain Element Called Life

Life! A roller coaster with ups and downs. The bonds shared between the loved ones and the unforgettable memories are the only precious gems that we take away with us. Me and him shared a similar bold where we were more of friends than granddaughter-grandpa. His smile made me forget all the worries. He always […]

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Because it Matters

I want you to know how much I love you because yes it matters. Your coming down on me when you are half asleep makes me feel extra ordinarily secured. I feel peace in your arms. Your scent, your warmth, a mere touch of your luscious lips, your presence altogether makes me a different person. […]

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